Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Photo session in FLUFFY


What could you find out if you sleep in Fluffy and cuddle with the pink little horse for 7 days? What secrets will Fluffy share with you and what kind of stories pop-up from the library and become reality during the night? And when you ask for bedtime stories, will you hear the voice of Fluffy itself·before you fall asleep?
Every day they discover more and more : during the nights, hairy deviances dance and masculine fairies whisper fairytales.
On Friday 25 January from 8:00 p.m. we invite you into a performative audiovisual get-together, with video by CUNTCINEMA and new fuzzy friends of Fluffy. CUNTCINEMA is the continuation of VULVOgraphy, the creation of a portable tiny cinema, which aims to display movies about identity, gender, body, shame and crisis.

Thursday, 24 January 2019



useful expressions:

  • κάνω την τρίχα τριχιά
  • μου σηκώνεται η τρίχα (κάγκελο)
  • παρά τρίχα
  • στην τρίχα
  • τρίχα-τρίχα
  • τρίχες (κατσαρές)
  • μάλλιασε η γλώσσα μου
  • hairy situation (edgy/dangerous)
  • to split hairs (to be pendantic in an argument)
  • hair-brained (dizzy-fooly)
  • hair-trigger (little effort to release)
  • to let one's hair down (to let go, to party
  • avere il pelo sullo stomaco  (be ruthless) 
  • cercare il pelo nell’uovo (to nitpick)
  • di primo pelo (very young)
  • non avere peli sulla lingua (not mince words)


Wednesday, 23 January 2019

DAY 4 - Making, Recording, Texting


- "ΑΠΟΚΡΥΦΕΣ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΕΣ. Μύθοι και θρύλοι απο τον κόσμο των πρώτων χριστιανών" by Δημήτρης Ι. Κυρτάτας, p. 133

- "Η ΤΕΧΝΗ ΤΗΣ ΔΙΑΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΕΥΣΗΣ. Οι δρόμοι για  τη σωστή επίτευξη μιας συμφωνίας" published by Costas Giannikos [μετάφραση:  Ελένη Χαλιωρή, p. 79

- "Περί του τραγικού" Χρήστος Μαλεβίτσης, p.39

- "Ερωτας και Αφροδίτη" by Jean Rudhardt, p. 62

- "Πως και γιατί διαβάζουμε" by Harold Bloom, p. 190

- "To νησί των τυφλών στα χρώματα" by Oliver Sacks, p.238

- "Προσχεδιασμένη Ευτυχία" by Paul Dolan, p.175

- "ΠΟΙΗΣΗ. ΤΕΥΧΟΣ 13 - ΑΝΟΙΚΞΗ - ΚΑΛΟΚΑΙΡΙ 1999", p. 124

- "O ΠΑΝΑΣ ΚΑΙ Ο ΕΦΙΑΛΤΗΣ" by James Hillman, p.91

- "Ματωμένος γάμος" by Federico García Lorca, p.29

- "Ανθρωπολογία και μύθος" by CAlude Levi-Strauss, p.104

- "Σχετικά με τη φιλοσοφία της καθημερινής ζωής" by John Roberts, p. 54

- "ΕΛΕΩΝΟΡΑ ΤΟ ΩΟΕΙΔΕΣ ΠΟΡΤΡΕΤΟ" by Edgar Alan Poe, p. 6

- "Ο μικρός πρίγκηπας" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, p. 33

- "DE PROFUNDIS", by Oscar Wilde [μεταφράση: Αρης Αλεξάνδρου], p. 88

- "Τhe enchanted place" by Joanna Marshhner and Sue Hill, p.46

- "BODY STYLE" by Theresa M.Winge, p. 83

- "DRAPERY. Classicism and barbarism in visual culture" by Gen Doy, p. 186

-  "Art & Queer Culture" by Catherine Lord & Richard Meyer, p. 40

- "Blood Beneath the skin" by Alexander McQueen, p. 251

- "Prepare for Pictoria" by Lars  Denicke and Peter Thaler (Pictolasma), Berndr M.Schrerer, p. 209
- "Portable architecture- and unpredictable surrounding-" by Pilar Echavarria, p. 60

- "PHONESEX" by Phillip Toledan, p. 1

- "APOLOGY" #2 Summer 13",  p. 184

- "Einbildung. Das Wahrnehmen in der kunst" published by Imagination Perception in Art

- "epitaph" by Societas Raffaello Sanzio, p. 16

- "XTREME INTERIORS" by Courtenay Smith + Annette Ferrara, p. 91


-  "Another Water" by Roni Horn, p. 388

- "OPTIC NERVE. Perceptual art of the 1960s" by Joe Huston, p. 155

- "FUTURE/MEMORY. Street culture & contemporary art" by Boggie, M. Cooper and others, p. 68

- "MAQAMS OF BLOOS ANS MAQAMS OF MILK" by George Lappas, p. 31

- "Το λεωφορείο της Ρόζας" by Fabrizio Silei and Maurizio A.C. Quarello, p. 14

- "MIA MEΓΑΛΗ ΜΕΡΑ ΤΟΥ ΤΙΠΟΤΑ" by Beatrice Alemagna, p. 7

- "PETER ROGIERS" published by Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, p.12

- "GAUDI. An introduction to his architecture" p.59

- "Tomorrow now- when design meets schince fiction" by Mudam Luxemburg, p. 71

- "I LOVE MY FAMILY" by Marko Maetamm, p. 187

- "Apparitions" by Gustavo Sagorsky p. 1

- "Sticker Bomb" published by Laurence King, p. 4

- "GUERILLA ART" edited by Sebastian Peiter, p. 55

- "Artists at Work" by David Seidner, p. 163

-  "Addressing the century. 100 years of art & fashion" published by Hayward Gallery, p. 82

- "ART AND COOK.Love food, Live design and dream art" by A. Ben, E. Paletz and others, p. 168


- "FEMINIST BABY" by Loryn Brantz, p.2



Tuesday, 22 January 2019

DAY 3 - Αρρενωπή Νεραϊδούλα

HAIRY FAIRY: The making of the masculine, hairy little fairy, the new monster-friend of Fluffy, by Antigoni.

ph. Fenia K.

ph. Fenia K.

ph. Fenia K.

Video documentation by Fenia & Daz

Monday, 21 January 2019

DAY 2 - Fluffy recordings

DAY 2 - ΦΛΑΦΙ Library

Experiment #2 [Recording Random Knowledge continues]


- "EAT LOVE. Food concepts by eating- designer". by Marije Vogelzang, p. 128

- "MEN IN SKIRTS" by Andrew Bolton, p. 24

- "TΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ ΤΗΣ ΖΗΛΕΙΑΣ" BY Marcel Proust, p. 128

- "BODY DRESSING" Entwistle & Wilson, p. 104

- "CONFESSION: EROTICISM IN MEDIA" by Mike Koedinger, p. 43

- "QUEER SPIRITS" AA Bronson Peter Hobbs, p. 28

- "POST/PORN/POLITICS" Tim Stuettgen, p. 327

- "BODY ART AND PERFORMANCE" Lea Vergine, p. 237


- "GREEN ARCHITECTURE", James Wines, p. 76 - "THE ARK. Old seeds for new cultures" by Phoebe Giannisi & Zissis Kotionis, p. 222


- "ΕΓΚΩΜΙΟ ΓΙΑ ΤΟΝ ΕΡΩΤΑ" by Alain Badiou, with Nicolas Truong, p. 123

- "GUT SLAM GUT SLAM GUT SLAM" published by Queer Ink, p. 31

- "Αγαπημένη" by Toni Morrison [μετάφραση Εφη Καλλιφατίδη], p. 48

- "The queer art of failure" by Judith Halberstam, p. 154

- "EMPIRE OF THE SENSELESS" by Kathy Acker", p. 41

- "GUERILLA ADVERTISING" by Gavin Lucas and Micgael Dorrian, p. 97

- "To Grey's Anatomy πηγαίνει νότια. Βιομετρικές καταγραφές και ρατσισμός στισ αποικίες του σήμερα" by Colleen D. Bell, p. 33

- "A Magazine" curated by Iris Van Herpen, issue 13, p.131

- "H Επανάσταση της αγάπης" by Luc Ferry, p.165

- "Hand painted dresses" by Pepi Svoronou, p.72



- "CONVERSATIONS ON POWER" by Vestoj, p. 47

- "FOOD FOR THOUGHT, THOUGHT FOR FOOD" edited by Richard Hamilton & aVicente Todoli, p. 161


- "Surreal People. Surrealism and Collaboration" by Alexander Klar, p. 37

- "H μωρία των ανοήτων" by Robert Trivers, p. 152

- "ΑΚΟΜΑ ΜΙΑ ΦΟΡΑ" Διονύσης Καψαλης, p. 39

- "Ημερολόγιο πένθους" by Roland Bathers, p. 190

- "I Love My Family" by Marko Maetamm, p. 73

- "OUTSIDE THE BOX. Cardboard New" published by black dog, p. 28

- "PROBLEM SOLVED. A primer in design and communication" by Michael Johnson", p.144

- "THE BODY IN SOCIETY. An introduction" by Alexandra Howson, p. 86

- "H εκφραστικότητα το σώματος" by Σιγκεχιζα Κουριγιαμα [μετάφραση: Βασίλης Πασχάλης, p. 56

- "ΓΛΩΣΣΑ ΚΑΙ ΣΕΞΟΥΑΛΙΚΟΤΗΤΑ. Γλωσσολογικές και ανθρωπολογικές προσεγγίσεις" Κώστας Κανάκης, p.193

- "Queer Spirits" by AA Bronson & Peter Hobbs, p.21

- "Female dominance. Rituals and practices", by Claudia Varrin, p.147

- "Body dressing" edited by Joanne Entwistle and Elizabeth Wilson, p. 187

- "Το ρούχο του διαβόλου" by Michel Pastoureau, p.97

- "Political Fatties. Aspects of fatness as a Political Identity" published by Queer Ink, p.35

- "All the small things" by Cory Arcangel, p.59

- "Ποιον αφορά η ποίηση; Σκέψεις για μια τέχνη περριτή" Χάρης Βλαβιανός, p. 72

- "AΓΡΙΟΦΡΑΟΥΛΕΣ / Η ΕΒΔΟΜΗ ΣΦΡΑΓΙΔΑ", by Ingmar Bergman [μετάφραση: Ροζίτα Σώκου], p. 85

- "Monsters & Grotesques in Medieval Manuscripts" by Alixe Bovey, p. 43

 - "Πόρτα" by Moma Radic, p. 25 - "Athens by sound", by Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Curators, p. 53

- "A queer of fashion: from the closet to the catwalk" by Valerie Steele, p. 20
- "Olafur Eliasson. The Weather project" edited by Susan May, p. 85

- "TEXNH KAI KΑΛΟΣ ΣΤΗΝ ΑΙΣΘΗΤΙΚΗ ΤΟΥ ΜΕΣΑΙΩΝΑ" by Umberto Eco [μετάφραση: Εφη Καλλιφατίδη], p. 163

- "H πυραμίδα των ζώων" by Clea Dieudonne - "Ωχ όχι Τζώρτζη" by Chris Haughton

- "ΤΟ ΓΙΓΑΝΤΙΟ ΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΑΚΙ" by Beatrice Alemagna

- "ΟΙ ΜΟΥΣΙΚΟΙ ΤΟΥ ΔΑΣΟΥΣ" by Sirish & Durga Bai - "all in the present must be transformed: Barney and Beuys" by Guggenheim Museum Publications, p.53

TOT. 55















Friends of fluffy



..and Antigoni takes the scissors and starts. It's midnight and the hairy fairy gets ready for the Ball.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

DAY 1 - Fluffy recordings

DAY 1 - ΦΛΑΦΙ Library

Experiment #1  [Recording Random Knowledge]

The first thing that you will find in a library are books, words, thoughts, αμέτρητο μελάνι που έχει χυθεί κατα τη διάρκεια πνευματικού και φαντασιακού οργασμού.

Many people are visiting the place, they go through the ράφια της βιβλιοθήκης, they are picking a book, ξεφυλλίζουν και εαν βρουν κάτι που τους ιντριγκάρει, they find a comfortable place στην αγκαλιά του Φλάφι και διαβάζουν.

Today, we though to start from text. Random text. Accumulation of words coming out from the library room. How do you choose a book? How do you choose? Is it the title? the design? the name of the author? the colour?a keyword that attracts you for any reason?

  • Choose a book.
  • Throw the dice or hit the button on the tablet (daz built quickly a software to gain time..and because the dice was λειψό. Του έλειπ το 1 και το 6).
  • The (combined) number will show you the number of the page you need to open.
  • Go to the page
  • Read μια πρόταση.
  • Καταγραφή



1) "Fetishism in Fashion" by Lidewij Edelkoort p. 25

2) "Le Sexe bizarre" by Agnes GIARD p. 33

3) "AΝΑΤΑΡΑΧΗ ΦΥΛΟΥ. Ο φεμινισμός και η ανατροπή της ταυτότητας" by Judith Butler [μετάφραση: Γιώργος Καράμπελας] p.25

4) "Comme un oiseau",  Livres d' Art, Gallimard, p. 52

5) "Η άγρια τάξη. Βία, ανάλωση και ιερό στην τέχνη των δεκαετιών 1950 και 1960" by Laurence Bertrand Dorleac [Μετάφραση: Έλενα Αναστασάκη], p. 33

6) "σπίτι: μια περιπλάνηση" Άρτεμις Αλκαλάη, p. 55

7) "Eνας άλλος κόσμος" by Peter Brook [μετάφραση: Ελένη Καραμπέτσου], p. 43

8) "Mauvais Genre(s) : Erotisme, pornographie, art contemporain" by Dominique Bacque, p. 5

9) "Tο ερωτικό φαινόμενο" by Jean-Luc Marion [μετάφραση: Χρήστος Μαρσέλλος], p. 334

10) "Οι κατά μόνας ηδονές. Πολιτισμική ιστορία του αυνανισμού" by Thomas W. Laqueur [μετάφραση: Πελαγία Μαρκέτου], p. 43


1) "BAUHAUS" by Jeannινε FIedler, Peter Feierabend, p. 423

2) "HOT BODIES COOL STYLES – New Techniques in self-adornment" by Ted Polhemus  p. 32

3) "ANIMALS & WOMEN. Feminsit theoretical explorations" by Carol J. Adams & Josephine Donovan, p. 432

4) "TURKS – Journey of a thousand years 600-1600" by David J. Roxburgh, p. 32

5) "Ο ΓΥΜΝΟΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΙΑΣ" by Bruno Gibert [Μετάφραση: Καρακαιδου Καλλιόπη], p. 4

6) "Post Porn Politics" by Tim Stüttgen, p. 55

7) "ART AND COOK. Love food, live design and dream art" by Allan Ben, p. 52

8) " Love & Politics" by Evgenia Giannopoulou and Hannes Schumacher, p. 42

9) "O ΠΟΜΕΛΟ ΜΕΓΑΛΩΝΕΙ" by Ramona Badescu, Benjamin Chaud,  p. 2

10) "The explorer's guide to Planet Orgasm" by Annie Sprinkle, p. 45


ΠΕΡΙΗΓΗΣΗ ΣΤΟΝ ΚΟΣΜΟ ΤΩΝ ΚΩΦΩΝ" by Oliver Sacks [, p. 22

2)  "Η άγρια τάξη. Βία, ανάλωση και ιερό στην τέχνη των δεκαετιών 1950 και 1960" by Laurence Bertrand Dorleac [Μετάφραση: Έλενα Αναστασάκη], p. 44

3) "Γιατί το σεξ είναι διασκεδαστικό; Η εξέλιξη της ανθρώπινης σεξουαλικότητας" by Jean Diamon p.53

4) "Φιλοσοφία της Βιολογίας" by Peter GodFrey-Smith [μετάφραση:  Γιώργος Μαραγκό], p. 123

5) "Bye Bye Blond" by Virginie Despentes [ translated by Sian Reynolds], p. 34

6) "Ο συμβιωτικός πλανήτης" by Lynn Margoulis,  p. 69

7) "Monsters : A Bestiary of the Bizzare" by Christopher Dell, p. 180

8) "ΑΥΤΟ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΤΟ ΚΑΠΕΛΟ ΜΟΥ" by John Klassen, p. 3

9) "Sex and Suits: The Evolution of Modern Dress" by Anne Hollander, p.139

10) "AΠΑΝΤΑ" Αλεξανδρος Παπαδιαμαντης, p. 457


- "The medium is the Massage" by Marshall McLuhan and Cuentin Fiore, p.149

 - "A Brief History of Curating" by Hans Ulrich Obrist, p.99

 - "The Art of Poetry" by Kenneth Koch, p. 161

 - "Millennial Monsters" by Anne Allison, p.273

- "SOUND ART. Beyond music, between categories" by Alan Licht, p.45

- "Fashion Body Cult" by Elke Bippus and Dorothea Mink, p.270

- "Sex Machine"s by Timothy Archibals, p.83

- "SEE YOURSELF SENSING. Redefining Human Perception" by Madeline Schwartzman, p. 161

- "OFF THE WALL.The space of speed" Issue #2, p.124

- " KANAVAL. Voodou, politics and revolution on the streets of Haiti" by Leah Gordon, p. 86


- “Joseph Beuys Gräberfeld 1957/58: Das keramische Relief von Joseph Beuys im Deutschen Bundestag” by Hans van der Grinten, p. 15
- “THE EYES. N.2” Vincent Marcilhacy, Collectif, p. 177
- “Negotiating the Body. Feminist Art in 1970s London” by Kathy Battista, p. 9

- "IN THE FLESH. The cultural politics of Body Modification" by Victoria Pitts, p. 34

- "Η ΤΕΧΝΗ ΤΗΣ ΡΟΥΤΙΝΑΣ" by Mason Currey, p. 164

- "ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ ΤΗ΅ΣΕΞΟΥΑΛΙΚΟΤΗΤΑΣ. 2. Η χρήση των ηδονών" by Michel Foucault [μετάφραση: Tάσος Μπέτζελος], p. 133

- "ΣΤΟ ΝΤΙΒΑΝΙ" by Irvin Yalom, p. 109

- "Πορτραίτο ενός πρίγκιπα. Δυο συνομιλίες με τον Γιώργο Χειμώνα" Kωνσταντίνος Θέμελης, p.69

- "Ενα δέντρο μια φορά" by Emilie Vast, p. 19

- "LIVE CINEMA PERFOMANCE" by Χριστόφορος Μπρέλλης, p. 49

TOT. 50